2021 Seafood and Wild Game Dinner and Auction

Wild Game Dinner Menu 2020 (we're still working on 2021)

Oyster Bar
Fresh shucked Taylor Oysters with assorted mignonettes


Ice Bar
Ice Bar with poached prawns, steamed clams and mussels, bay shrimp and Dungeness crab cocktails and Geoduck ceviche


Hot Bar & Action Stations
Hand carved Nilgai Antelope strip loin roast with herbed red wine sauce
Assorted sausages: Ostrich pistachio, Bison chipotle, Alligator andouille, Rabbit & Python, Duck with apple brandy,
Venison with merlot and blueberries, Spanish chorizo au sec
Local and imported cheeses including: Beechers, Rogue Creamery & Samish Bay
Flatbread with carnitas style Wild Boar, smoked bleu cheese, macadamia nuts and arugula sauce
Snapping Turtle stew
Camel meatballs with chermoula sauce
Assorted dried fruits, nuts, mini naan, crackers and bugs


Mixed greens with preserved lemon vinaigrette, crispy chickpeas, goat cheese, duck bacon, tomatoes and cucumber
Herbed butter with Breadfarm rolls


Roasted beef tenderloin with peri peri sauce piquant on a bed of yam, potatoes, butternut squash and shredded kale hash


Cheesecake with tropical fruit compote