Name: Jim Koetje

Occupation: Commercial Real Estate Broker

How long have you been in this industry?
Since 1979

What is your background, work experience, and education?
Lynden Christian High School, Skagit Valley College and School. Work in banking and insurance prior to real estate

Number of years living/working in the Skagit Valley?

What inspires your work or sets your business apart?
My ability to keep clients focused on the big picture of the deal for the long term

What does community mean to you?
Skagit County is a community of giving, caring generous people who help and assist others in need financially and emotionally when times are tough. 

What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?
I love to read, hike, fish, travel and spend time with friends, and for 28 years; coaching high school basketball.

Besides Rotary, what other community organizations are you involved in?
Over the years I have been on the Board of Directors at Conway School, a volunteer fireman in Conway, volunteer on several City and County committees, volunteer with Downtown Mount Vernon Association and currently serve on the board of Skagit Council Housing (a local non-profit organization that provides housing for elder, low income people).