The Skagit Rotary is pleased to announce the 2021 Skagit Rotary scholarship awards
The Skagit Rotary is pleased to announce the 2021 Skagit Rotary scholarship awards
Sarah Rensink-TECH-Z Organics-$2500.
Zinnia Morris - Wallace Sigmar Scholarship Award-SVC-$13,500.
Taylor Hopley-Sheldon-UW- $3000.
Elizabeth Luna-Santos-UW-$3000.
Grace Dalton-UBC-$2000.
Amelia Vaith-Embry-Riddle-$3000.
Shawn Froneberger TECH Scholarship to NW Lineman $2500.
Colsen Friedrichs-SCV or other $2000.
Camryn Benham-Whitworth-$2000.
Ella Frost-Grand Canyon U-$2000.
Julie Wilson- Cheryl Bishop Memorial Scholarship-WSU-$14,000.
Kennedy Fellers-Corey Mendoza Memorial Scholarship-UW-$10,000.
Anna Fuentes- Bernadette Roozen Memorial Scholarship-WWU-$10,000.
Samantha Pearson-UW-$7500.
Hunter Chapin-U OF IDAHO-$1000.
Emma Logue-GONZAGA-$3000.
Ethan Chapin-U OF IDAHO-$1000.
Ryan Conejo-Sauna-EWU or WSU-$3000.
Maizie Chapin-UNIV OF IDAHO-$1000.
Alan Ruiz-WSU OR UW-$3000.
Cole Williams-Paradise CC-$2000.
Joshua Kelly-WWU (?)-$2000.
The scholarship committee received and reviewed nearly 43 Skagit Valley applications in 2021 from qualified high school seniors. We were pleased and honored to present these students with their scholarships and they were acknowledged at their graduation ceremonies. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic continuing this year the schools opted not to hold in person scholarship award ceremonies.
We would like to thank and acknowledge the scholarship review committee for all their work in reviewing, scoring, and selecting the awardees. It was no small feat, particularly in light of the outstanding applicants. The entire process was uplifting and inspiring as we reviewed all the candidates for their leadership, scholarship, and dedication to the Skagit Valley community.
Special thanks and deep appreciation to Bob Fiedler for his guidance to the scholarship committee and the chair. Quite simply, Bob Fiedler is an irreplaceable treasure.
Many thanks to Jenifer Howson, Paul Pickering and Heather Shand. All three continue to be invaluable in their support of the Skagit Rotary Scholarship program. The Rotary appreciates their work, dedication and patience.
Thanks go to Skagit Rotary Foundation for their support. This was a difficult year for students and seniors, and they deeply appreciated the consideration of the Foundation this year.
And finally, thank you! Thank you to the Rotary for all your support, committee work, shoveling (and so much more at work parties), collecting donations, planning, supporting our auction and everything else you do to support our fundraising. Because of you our ability to change lives and support higher education to exceptional student leaders right here in Skagit Valley is unmatched.