Mentoring of the new member is a critical factor in successful member participation and retention. A member who is considering being a sponsor must also be willing to be a mentor, in order to help assure that the new member's club experience is rewarding and that the club's goals and mission are supported by the development of a strong, vital and committed membership.

A sponsor will:


  • Assure that the individual being considered meets the Standard of Membership and is likely to meet the responsibilities of a member of the club
  • Sponsor only an individual that you feels he/she can fully support for membership
  • Act as a mentor to the new member for the first year of membership to help the new member meet and develop acquaintances with fellow members, secure information about club activities and projects, and become involved in areas of interest


Sponsor Responsibilities for


New Members

You can help new members get involved in Rotary in a number of ways.  Below is a checklist of ways you can help

the new member with their orientation to the club.

Within the first 60 days


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o   Review the new member orientation sheet.

o   Assist new member with introductions to membership.

o   Explain the different boards and committees in the club.

o   Explain the importance of "being involved" in the club.

o   Assist with their classification talk.

o   Explain attendance requirements.

o   Attend orientation training with the new member.

o   Make sure new member has orientation materials (Rotary Basics, RI Magazine, etc.).

o   Make sure new member signs up for Sergeant-at-Arms.

o   Make sure new member rotates seating arrangements at meetings.

Within the first 90 days

o   Make sure new member has signed up for a club program.

o   Attend Board Meeting with new member.

o   Make sure new member pays membership dues.

Within the first 120 days

o   Attend a Foundation Meeting with new member.

o   Make sure new member participations with a committee/auction/work party/etc.

Beyond the first 120 days

o   Attend a make-up meeting with new member at another club.

o   Remind the new member about the club's attendance requirement.

o   Make a plan to keep the new member interested and active in the club and maintain contact with him/her.

o   Lead by Rotary example.

o   Monitor the new member's comfort level with and involvement in the club.

o   Ask new member to suggest one or two other potential members.

o   Be available to answer questions and provide requested guidance.