Thank you for your desire to serve as a guest speaker and agreeing to share your expertise and experience at a meeting of the Skagit Rotary Club.

Our members start to arrive about 7:00 am.  Meetings usually begin at 7:15 am and conclude at 8:00 am.  You are our guest - so when you arrive, please let the club secretary know you are the guest speaker and enjoy your FREE breakfast!  

The Rotarian who invited you will introduce you.  We do ask that you provide them with the introduction information you wish used, (well before the event date, if possible).

The guest speaker is normally introduced about 7:30 am.  Club members expect our speakers to make a 15-20 minute presentation, followed by a few minutes of questions and answers.  If possible, we will adjust our starting time to allow for your needs.

Please conclude your presentation by 8:00 am.  Many members must leave for work or other meetings.  You may stay after the meeting and meet with members that wish to stay longer with questions.

Our club has 40-50 members and guests in attendance at any given meeting.  Handouts for club members are always welcome.  However, there are no copy facilities in the meeting room so you will need to bring handouts if they are required for your presentation.

The club does not have audio-visual technology available.  Presenters will need to use computers and projectors of their own. We have a screen in the meeting room.  Your presentation must avoid overt sales.  Making a "sales pitch" or directly soliciting purchases or donations is not in the spirit of Rotary. 

Requests for donations from the club need to be made to the Foundation Chair in writing, as opposed to being solicited from the members during your presentation.  You can present a request to the Chair to be considered at the next regularly scheduled Foundation meeting.

Please let the Rotarian who invited you know if you have specific needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

THANK YOU.  We look forward to your visit and your presentation.